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Pinceau Arc-en-Ciel

They / them
A bunch of cats in a trenchcoat hoodie. Using real paints on real paper for personal enjoyment. Can't stop doing zines since 2018. Come from somwhere in the Baguette Kingdom.
Can speak French, English, & German.
Or make you believe so

Illustrations -private portfolio-

Like the title says, as the zines they've been made for are yet to be released or are still in production phase, these illustrations stand under the seal of the secret.
- This section is only meant for zines applications purposes -
Please do not share any of them (or this page), and keep them secret as well!
For my public-viewable published art, please go to the Illustrations button on the main menu

Illustrations [Food-themed]

One of the illustrations here stands under the seal of the secret, as the zine it's been made for is still in production phase. Please do not share this page, and keep it secret as well!For all my other public-viewable art, please go to the Illustrations button on the main menu, thanks~

Pinceau Arc-en-Ciel

Illustrations -to be released-